A Guide to Five Common Skin Spots and Blemishes

Skin is the outer covering of the body and the largest organ of the human body. Skin helps you feel things around you and play a key role in making you look beautiful. It is the skin that holds the moisture, prevents dehydration and keeps harmful bacteria out. In fact, skin works like a protective layer and without it, people will often get sick.

Skin spots

It is very essential to keep your skin as healthy as you can. However, many a times, the skin ends up having various types of spots and blemishes which can be related to your diet, lifestyle and internal organs. If taken a closer look, these spots and blemishes can give signals to certain health problems.

Here are five common skin spots and blemishes and their meaning with regards to your health.

Bumpy forehead: Health experts believe that the forehead can be broken down into sections and each section relate to a different type of health problem. For instance, the top part of the forehead is related to the bladder, the middle is related to your digestive system and lower part gives indication about your liver health. When you have bumpy forehead, it clearly gives indication that something is wrong within your body. It often relates to unhealthy eating habits. Take a closer what you are eating and try to reduce stress, exercise daily and drink more water to keep spots at bay on your forehead.

Sore spots on the chin and upper lip: Such spots generally relates to hormonal fluctuations often before menstruation or ovulation time. In case, if you notice that you often get spots on one side of your chin more than the other it means this is the side where the ovary is releasing the egg. Little can be done to avoid such spots as they are related to hormones and often get healed with time. However, it has been found that taking a vitamin B supplement helps to balance hormones during the monthly cycle and can help a little.

Spots on the cheeks: Spots on the checks are often considered the worst ones as they often take a toll on your beauty. These spots need to be handled with care or else there will remain a permanent mark on your cheeks.  Try not to squeeze cheek spots as the skin here is soft and sensitive and may lead to scarring. It has been found that such spots on the cheeks may be the result of eating too much meat, sugar and dairy products. Avoid such foods for some time and soon you can notice improvement in your skin condition.

Spots on the jaw line: Spots on the jaw line can be painful and very difficult to get rid of them. The cause behind such spots is again related to poor diet and often relates to congestion in the large intestine. If there are often spots on the jaw line, then it is highly recommended to have a close look at what you are eating. Instead of processed food, opt for more fresh fruits and vegetable. Also try to increase your intake of water and other healthy fluids like green tea, coconut water and so on.

Spots on your nose: Spots on the nose are usually born out of clogged pores and blackheads. It can even be a symptom of an underlying hormonal condition that can cause far more than facial blemishes. Try steaming your face and use a daily cleanser. Drinking water and exfoliating can also eliminate blackheads. Choose gently products if you have sensitive or spot prone skin.

Well, all these skin spots and blemishes can be treated with over the counter medicines and some easy to follow home remedies that you can find at www.top10homeremedies.com. However, if you often suffer from these skin problems and there is no improvement in your condition, make an appointment with a skin specialist as soon as possible.

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