Smile Confidently With White Teeth

Teeth are on show every time we speak and we smile. Thus, clean and healthy teeth hold great importance from beauty point of view. However, with age, people often suffer from yellow teeth. As having yellow stains on the teeth can spoil the face expression, people often become over conscious when their teeth become stained or discolored.

White teeth

It is the wish of everyone to have dazzling white teeth. The natural color of teeth varies from person to person, and teeth become discolored with age. According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, the inner part of each tooth is made up of dentin, while the outer part is made up of a porcelain-like material known as enamel. With age teeth appear yellow when dentin starts showing through its white enamel covering.

Causes behind yellow teeth

It is a known fact that a natural cause behind yellow teeth is age. As a person ages, the enamel gets worn out there by exposing the dentin which is naturally yellow tinted. No matter how much you take care of your teeth, teeth will show effects of wear and tear due to the natural aging process. However, there can be several other reasons behind yellow teeth such as:

  • The main reason behind yellow stain on your teeth is chewing or smoking tobacco. The nicotine content in the tobacco gets absorbed in the pores of the teeth that cause yellow stains on the tooth enamel.
  • Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks, deep colored fruits and fruit juices can also make your teeth turn yellow.
  • Certain diseases cause enamel to thin down due to which the dentin part gets exposed which is naturally yellow.
  • Some treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy can also make teeth turn yellow.
  • Infection amongat pregnant woman can also result in yellow staining of the teeth amongst the new born.
  • Antibiotic medicines prescribed to small children can also cause yellowing of teeth.
  • Certain drugs such as anti allergic drugs, anti hypertension drugs, antipsychotic drugs can also cause yellow stains teeth.
  • Poor practice of dental hygiene can also result in yellow stains on the teeth. It is very essential to practice proper brushing and flossing techniques in order to remove plaque or else it can cause yellow stains on the teeth.
  • At time discolored teeth can be due to hereditary factors also.
  • Consumption of environmentally polluted water can also cause stain on your teeth. 

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Yellow Teeth Treatment Options

The symptoms of yellow teeth are appearance of gray, brown, black and yellow stains on the teeth. At times White strips are present on the teeth. All these symptoms need a proper teeth whitening treatment in order to keep your teeth white, bacteria free and free from plaque.Some of the treatment options are:

Practice proper dental hygiene: Improper dental hygiene is one of the reasons behind discolored teeth. So, you need to learn about proper dental hygiene such as how to brush your teeth correctly and do it two times a day. Also do flossing regularly. Brushing and flossing help to remove much of the food and drink remnants that often cause yellow stains on your teeth. Also do not forget to rinse your mouth after meals and drinks.

Use teeth whitening products: There are several teeth whitening products in the market that you can use to make your teeth appear whiter than before. Depending upon your preference level and budget level you can choose whitening chewing gums, whitening trays, toothpastes and gels.

Professional methods: To make your teeth whiter, you can also opt for professional tooth whitening treatments offered by dentists. Before choosing a treatment option, you need to bear in mind that professional tooth whitening procedures are temporary and their effect will diminish over time.

Choose the right food items: In order to keep the teeth clean and white, you must eat pungent and astringent foods. Such food products will help to keep your teeth clean by removing the excess buildup of plaque on the teeth. Also try to eat crunchy foods such as apples and carrots as they help to remove stains from your teeth.

Avoid sugary foods: Sugary foods in any form are bad for the teeth. Even if you consume sugary foods, you must remember to wash your mouth thoroughly with strong gargles so as not to leave any sweet residue in the mouth. At the same time avoid excess consumption of tea and coffee as the strong alkaloids present in such beverages can stain the teeth.

Say no to smoking: To remove stains from your teeth you must say no to smoking. It has been found that those who smoke excessively often suffer from yellow teeth with time. This habit of smoking can stain the teeth cream or yellow.

Visit your dentist regularly: This is a good idea regardless, but a dentist can give your teeth a good polish, brilliant for a quick fix if you are trying to impress. Alternatively you can see a cosmetic dentist who uses a specialized gel to bleach your teeth. This is more effective but can be very expensive.

Natural Treatments for Whiter Teeth

Well, if your teeth are changing its color, there is no need to visit a dental clinic to get rid of yellow teeth. Instead, you can get rid of the yellow stains accumulated on your teeth with the help of some easily available ingredients from your kitchen.

For instance, at it has been mentioned that you can use baking soda to brush your teeth gently once daily. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of yellow teeth. You can also add salt or hydrogen peroxide to your regular toothpaste and then use it to brush your teeth.

At it has been stated that regular consumption of crunchy food items such as apples raw carrots, cucumbers and broccoli can also make your teeth look whiter than before.

You can try these home remedies to cure the problem of yellow teeth. But it is essential to bear in mind that you need to follow the home remedies religiously for several weeks before noticing visible results. Persons having sensitive teeth, worn down or weak enamel and gum diseases must consult a local dentist to treat yellow teeth.

Final Words

To conclude with these above mentioned tips you can easily make your teeth pearly white. Also do not forget to take proper care of your teeth and nothing can stop you from bringing back the lost sparkle of your teeth back.

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