Smoking Fastens Up the Aging Process

Most of us are aware of the fact that smoking is bad for health. However, very few people are aware of the fact that smoking can also cause irreversible damage to your skin, teeth and hair. It can immensely change your appearance and make your look older than your age.


As you age, your skin ages too as aging is a natural process. There are number of external factors that contribute to premature aging. But if you are a chain smoker, then you will surely look older than your age. Smoking causes early aging of the facial skin. This can be due to:

  • Heat from the cigarette directly burning the skin
  • Nicotine makes changes in the elastic fibers of the skin
  • Nicotine also narrows the blood vessels (vasoconstriction), which reduces blood supply to the skin and can cause changes in skin elastic fibers and loss of collagen
  • Harmful compounds in cigarette reduces Vitamin A levels and moisture of the skin

Some of the harmful components present in tobacco smoke are – Tar, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen cyanide, Free radicals, Metals and Radioactive compounds. The nicotine and other components present in cigarettes adversely change your body’s chemistry by impacting the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood. When you puff a cigarette, it sends toxic byproducts into the bloodstream and cells, causing many health problems that it also ruin your looks.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology it states that smokers are three times as likely to develop lines and creases. In fact, smoking causes the skin to age even more than exposure to sunlight. Lines around the eyes called “crow’s feet” can develop at an earlier age. Multiple vertical lines around the mouth also occur and are called “smoker’s lines”. These effects continue into old age. All these facial changes happen due to the fact that smoke loosens up the elastin and collagen in your skin, which causes the skin to sag before time. Elastin and collagen are the two most essential components in the body that keeps your skin elastic, soft and supple.

The nicotine present in cigarettes may also cause dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone, grayish skin complexion and development of fine lines and wrinkles. Experts say that people who smoke a lot look 1.4 times older than those who do not. So, according to this, a 20-year-old smoker will look like 32-year-old person.

Well, now you are aware of the fact that smoking has many side effects on your appearance. So, it is time to quit smoking.

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